Miss Hennipin



Miss Hennipin
by Andy Douglas Day

164 pages
5.75 x 8.5 inches
full color

printed: feb 2014
edition of 300

From the author: "Sometime during the summer, I started making a lil’ thing about Miss Hennipin, a batty lady who lives in a large, isolated manor. This soon became the only thing I did, and over the course of a million weekends, grew into a 160+ page book. It is a series of related short stories in her life, mainly centering around her and her nearly-mute servant, Mokumbo. Other characters include her intercom system, a chair cushion, and a roster of Counts whose names are the alphabet. This book is much easier to follow than the other one, Chauncey. My mom could probably understand what’s going on, but she would be having none of it."



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