'Screentime June/July'



'Screentime June/July'
by Sam Alden

'Screentime June/July' is a collection of Sam Alden's monochrome pixel drawings. Abstracted spreads showcase the instinctive musicality of Sam's imagery and arrangements. Screentime's landscapes evoke everything from the best of golden age adventure games to the quiet pleasures of a pop song. But never fear, there's a story here as well, hidden deep beneath the veneer.

24 pages
5 x 5 inches
b&w/color cover

About the Author:

◊ sam alden, b.1988
◊ portland/montreal
◊ winner of 2013 ignatz award
◊ author of 'it never happened again'
◊ gingerlandcomics.com
◊ samaldencomics.tumblr

* First 50 pre-orders come with a limited edition print.

Shipping: August 2014



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